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Mission Statement -

"To produce top quality young plant material for distribution through the broker network." 


"I feel the future of any successful business is built on the foundation of strong relationships with solid company's that have the same vision that quality and service are the cornerstone of growth and profitability.  The grower/broker and grower/supplier relationships are becoming even more important in the ever changing floriculture business of today.  The shrinking margins and increasing competition of business today make these relationships a true partnership."

John Barone




Our new 2019 Spring Liner Catalog is now available, click on the name below to view our PDF version. Also, our 2019 Spring Liner List is now available for orders.   The EOD deadline for our 2019 Spring Liners is Nov. 1st. Our 2019 Pre-finished/Basket Stuffer List is also now available. The deadline for Pre-finished orders only is December 1st, 2018.

We are also expanding our  2019 "26 Pack" liner program which is available.  This program is in addition to our regular liner and pre-finished programs.  We are offering selected items in a 26 count strip (30mm plug) that are only available weeks 9 - 14.  Volume discounts for this program are independent of all other programs.  There is no minimum order required but even boxing is recommended.  This program can be combined in shipping with our other programs.  This program is designed for the smaller grower that would like a larger plug in small quantities of selected items.



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 2019 Spring Liner Catalog 2019 SPRING LINER LIST
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